Jamie Duncan

"When we hired Prosperity Business Consultants, we never realized the level of service and attention that we would receive! What started out as hiring what we thought would be a great bookkeeper very quickly proved to be the best decision we have made as business owners as they are WAY MORE than bookkeepers, they are the glue that holds this company together. There is not a day that goes by that we do not analyze our current business situations or strategize on long term goals with them. We feel extremely confident when making decisions and planning for the future because we have Prosperity Business Consultants on our side. The added bonus is that my husband and I turned all of our personal finances over for management as well so they are able to help plan even better for us personally and professionally. Trust me, you will wonder how you ever survived without them."

-Jamie Duncan, Build Nashville LLC

Kevin Costello

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Jody has a rare combination of skill sets which offer a tremendous opportunity for growing businesses. She helped as a liaison between our Bank and several clients and she is able to offer both high-level strategic planning as well as detailed due diligence. Further, she is an incredibly productive project manager and creatively solves challenges that inevitably arise. Most importantly, she is a pleasure to work with and all-around great person!

-Kevin Costello, Metropolitan Capital


Marta Cyhan

With businesses large and small, it’s crucial to have proper financial and accounting advice to help strategize to maximize a company’s finances. I’ve been impressed with Jody’s pragmatism and growth oriented financial approach in guiding companies, including ours, to achieve their growth goals. Jody lays out a step by step plan to achieve financial goals within a realistic timeline. Jody has an entrepreneurial spirit balanced with years of experience in financially managing and guiding companies for both short and long term success. Jody, alongside with Jessica are great financial and accounting partners: detail-oriented, reliable, proactive, efficient and ready to develop a best in class process for financial services.

-Marta Cyhan, MAC Presents

Shaun Burroughs





"I've owned my business for fifteen years and took responsibility for all accounting responsibilities for the first 12 years. I assumed that it would be just as much work to provide the information to a firm as it would be if I did everything myself. About three years ago, I found Jessica and realized I needed her help with managing all the accounting. I was hesitant to get started, but I knew I couldn't keep up. She dove in and cleaned up what I had been doing incorrectly for years. I trusted her to take full ownership of the accounting. She has insane work ethic and owns every task she takes on. Many times, Jessica advises on issues that are happening outside of her accounting services. She is always willing help in any facet. It feels like I have another partner in my business more so than an outside firm. I wouldn't know how to operate Cypress Creek without her."

                                             -Shaun Burroughs, Cypress Creek Homes Inc